Our founding partners began developing ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) in 1993. Through the fine-tuning of their vision, SurgCenter Development (SCD) was officially established in 2002. With unique backgrounds in both clinical and operational management, the founders formalized the structure used today, which provides for the most effective physician alignment while maintaining critical oversight. As this structure was created, so began the future of SCD. The company’s passion has led to a culture that exudes the “can do” attitude that fuels our “Never Say No” commitment to always find a solution to every problem. Since 1993, the company and its principals have been involved in the development of more than 200 centers in 26 states with more than 2,220 physician partners…and those numbers continue to grow.

Mission: To empower surgeons to revolutionize the delivery of surgical care.


SCD is a corporation that partners with local surgeons to create physician-owned and physician-operated ambulatory surgical centers (ASC). We have partnered to develop hundreds of successful and highly profitable surgery centers throughout the United States.

We contribute an equal capital per share as other physician investors, we allow our physician partners to maintain majority ownership of their ASC and we provide our industry expertise free of consulting or management fees.

SCD leads physicians through the critical phases of opening an ASC including the formation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), facility design and construction, licensure procedures, equipment and supply purchasing, staff recruitment and training, and insurance contracting and billing.

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