Outpatient performance of complex spine procedures has grown exponentially in recent years, rising from 1,000+ patients in 2014 to over 2,700 patients in 2020.

In addition to fusions and disc replacements, SurgCenter facilities perform over 4,300 laminotomies, laminectomies and spinal decompressions per year.

SurgCenter Development’s Complex Spine Program includes 260+ Physicians in 125 facilities.

CMS has Approved ACDF and Lumbar Fusions for the ASC Setting.
Surgical procedures approved for coverage under CMS are that do not generally exceed 90 minutes of operating time, and a total of 3 HOUR recovery time, meaning the average patient will be discharged within 3 hours of the procedure.

Successful program components include patient selection, equipment and supply negotiation, discharge planning, patient satisfaction, committed surgeon partners, scheduling flexibility and efficiency.
implant costs

for ACDF, Lumbar Fusions and TDR Procedures have been successfully negotiated for SCD facilities.


5 insights on SurgCenter Development's outpatient spine program

July 2, 2019
Towson, Md.-based SurgCenter Development has continued expanding its outpatient complex spine program in 2019.

SurgCenter's outpatient joint program — 2019 growth + 3 keys to success

SurgCenter Development physicians have performed about 2,700 joint replacement procedures since April.